SST International – Celebrates Its 39th Anniversary

39 years ago, an energetic and vital young man named Alan Tanaka was inspired to conquer the world of logistics with a few associates. Today, a not so vital and very tired older Alan has achieved his goals with SST International. Joined shortly after by equally energetic, almost hyper Robert Uyesato, Vice President, (who has considerably slowed down) they were able to maintain a thriving company that has endured the pitfalls of the industry.

To celebrate this feat of endurance, Alan and Bobby felt a celebration was in order after an
arduous year of preparing for ACE, continuing demands from all sides, increasing costs and competition, etc. It was an evening to relax and enjoy good food and company.

Many of the employees have been with SST for the majority of those years and have experienced so many things in life together. That in itself reflects the dedication to the welfare of everyone who has worked with them. In this we commemorate the years of servitude,…oops, service, all has contributed to the success of SST.

Special thanks to Leslie Araki who has served with us since 1981 and has chosen to retired on this occasion. She will be greatly missed!


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