Why United Shipping

Global trade is a complex and challenging business where success depends on specialized knowledge and personal contacts. United Shipping provides both, in an extraordinarily powerful and effective way.

UNITED SHIPPING, INC., is a partnership of over 150 freight forwarders and customs brokers with many offices around the world. United Shipping uses state of the art technology to give importers and exporters global reach along with the expertise of local, independent brokers, a winning combination no multinational can match.

Working with United Shipping is like having a personal representative in every port. Technology isn’t the only thing that ties United Shipping together. Partners meet regularly and communicate constantly. That enables United Shipping Partners to act as direct extensions of each other. Sophisticated new systems are making United Shipping an even better resource for importers and exporters. From providing insurance, to handling export and import documentation, United Shipping is fully capable of handling any and all of a company’s logistics needs.


Representation In Over

95 Countries

Over 430 Offices Worldwide

Over 5000 Employees Worldwide

Handles in excess of  6.5 million shipments per year

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