Neele-Vat Logistics Moscow – New Partner – Moscow


United Shipping, Inc is pleased to announce that Neele-Vat Logistics located in Moscow is a member of our premiere global network.

Neele-Vat Logistics Moscow is the Russian branch of NEELE-VAT Logistics Holding.

The Moscow office was established in 2004. Since that time, they have earned the reputation of being a dedicated partner for transport, storage and DDP deliveries towards Russia. As a result, NEELE-VAT Logistics has gathered many loyal clients and are continuing to expand with new well prospective projects.

Besides transport services Neele-Vat Moscow is pleased to offer:
• Delivery of equipment, spare parts, guarantee parts on DDP basis for the Russian receivers, and act as a distributor in Russia.
• Customs clearance (import / export) in the Moscow region, Smolensk, Moscow airports, DME, SVO and St. Petersburg, the Port of St. Petersburg
• Delivery and customs clearance of temporary import
• Certification (registration documents) in Russia
• Delivery and customs clearance of the exhibition goods by ATA-carnet
• Handling and customs clearance of the Diplomatic cargo
• Consulting about specific of customs clearance in Russia
• Warehousing in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg, as well as our own warehouses in the Netherlands

“When Neele-Vat Finland became a member of United Shipping, we were contacted by Randal at Hormino Maia to work together on a project. We believed it made sense to join this great society. Our team is very interested in handling non-standard and interesting projects, which require a non-standard approach to achieve the best result,” Julia Bastunskaya, Manager Russia, Neele-Vat Moscow.


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