Introducing the New ISLINE Brand


The Freight Forwarding industry is changing, and ISLINE is evolving with it.

With the evolving industry, we at ISLINE have decided to ‘reinvent’ ourselves. Over the last few months we have been busy with introducing new technologies, improving our services, expanding our network and planning ahead into the future.

To reflect this important transition, we have refreshed our brand. We are proud of our history, partnerships and services all of which are not going away but rather improving. That’s why our new logo retains the same color palette and our name ISLINE. The new ISLINE is made up of three intersecting cargo indicators, reflecting the highest quality of service, loyalty and transparency we bring to our partners, our new logo is an improvement on the old.

To complete the evolution we have made two additional changes. We have adopted ISLINE as a single focal name to enclose in it all the services we offer. Additionally we have embraced a new slogan: “providing services, taking responsibility”. The new slogan brings forward what we have been practicing for years. Today we are more than confident that not only can we make our best effort to achieve this, but rather can stand by it and that is why we are proud to pin it right next to our name.

You can now witness the new brand implemented across our website, documentation and correspondence, as we continue to evolve and progress with new actions and services that will be rolled out. Make sure that you follow us and keep in touch to take part in our progress and success.

Please visit our new website:
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