D. J. Powers Partners with U.S. Soaring Team

The World Gliding Championships (WGC 2016) are taking place this year in Lithuania and D.J. Powers Company, Inc. is delighted to support the U.S. Soaring Team with logistic services, along with being a proud sponsor of the team.

In February of this year, U.S. Soaring Team Captain, Fernando B. Silva, contacted D.J. Powers to inquire about our Exporting Services for all team gliders. To quote Mr. Silva regarding his experience with D.J. Powers “You all have been a wonderful logistics partner for the U.S. Soaring Team. All team gliders have arrived safely in Europe. Thank you for your terrific support of the U.S. Soaring Team.”

Be sure to follow the U.S. Soaring team on their web page, which also features D.J. Powers as a proud sponsor at: http://ussoaringteams.org/sponsors/ as well as following the team on their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ussoaringteams/


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