New Partner Announcement – IMEX Shipping & Logistics


United Shipping, Inc is pleased to announce IMEX Shipping & Logistics LLC located in Dubai, UAE as a new partner in our premiere global network.

IMEX Shipping & Logistics LLC was incorporated in Dubai, UAE in 2007 and is managed by directors who have cumulative experience of more than three decades in the shipping, transport, warehousing and logistic industry.

IMEX’s reputation is based on key elements of competent and enthusiastic personnel. Each staff is trained to the highest standards of the trade and is hand picked based on strict parameters of experience and exposure in shipping and the freight forwarding industry and are further supported by progressive and innovative information systems, ensuring the most efficient service to their customers.

IMEX sets a goal to meet and exceed customers demands by delivering what is promised. Honesty and integrity together form the foundation of IMEX and the success of the organization stems from the open and honest approach of their people.

“Trust in our company is built by people sharing a common purpose and culture and basing their priorities on the needs of our clients and the business itself. Collaborative teamwork is more than ever-becoming the most strategic capability for any firm and is one of our company’s mantras for business success.” states Salim Khan, Managing Director, IMEX Shipping & Logistic.


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