New Partner Announcement – Grupo Linc – Heredia, Costa Rica


United Shipping, Inc is pleased to announce that Grupo Linc located in Heredia, Costa Rica is a new member of our premiere global network.

Grupo Linc began operations in 2012 in Costa Rica. In 2013, offices were established in Nicaragua and Panama (City and Free Zone) they and made strategic investments in LAZ International in Mexico.

Grupo Linc is a group of more than 40 employees focused on international air services and maritime transport. In addition, they have developed a network of road transport in Central America from Mexico to Panama.

Grupo Linc is headquarted in Heredia, Costa Rica and they have a strong team of professionals focused on designing solutions for their customers.

Grupo Linc’s objective is to provide customized solutions of high value in supply chain management through a talented team of developers that create long-term relationships of trust. They aspire to be a regional company in constant growth, recognized in the industry for the efficient, personalized services and partners trained within the organization.

“We have the best staff and develop the talent of our team with the highest values and commitment to our customers to build long-term relationships. We start with a blank slate, then throw in our paradigms and desired processes based on what our customers need to meet market demands. Grupo Linc does not apply cookie cutter solutions. We invest in technology! Our systems operate in the cloud ensuring business continuity,” states Gabriel Castillo Blanco, Grupo Linc, Managing Director.


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