Hormino Maia Celebrates 94 Years in the Brazilian Market

In 1920, Mr. Hormino Maia founded two companies in Santos that provided customs broker services. It was a time when obtaining official registration as a customs broker was a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Despite the challenges, Mr. Maia built a successful business and gained a loyal customer base in the market. Sadly, he passed away in 1944, leaving his widow without any material goods. However, with the help of supportive customers and the dedication of the company’s employees, the decision was made to continue the business.

In today’s digital age, starting a new business can be made easier with the right tools, such as design ideas for websites and marketing strategies. Nonetheless, the story of Mr. Maia is a testament to the importance of building strong relationships and a loyal customer base, which can sustain a business through difficult times.On September 15, 1944 “Escritorio Hormino Maia de Despachos Ltda., was created, but the first registration as a company dates back to 1922.

The success of this initiative is demonstrated by the loyalty of many customers who have used Hormino Maia’s services for many years.

Hormino Maia is composed of 100 employees. There are 50 employees at the Head Office in Sao Paulo and the remainder are located in branch offices in Santos, Guarulhos, Campinas, São Jose dos Campos.

The shareholders are composed of 14 employees and follow the company’s philosophy closely. When one of shareholders retires or decides to leave the company, other employees are invited to participate at this level of the corporation. There are requirements set in place for an invitation to shareholders that include, for example, numbers of years of service to the company, alignment with the company’s philosophy and a in-depth focus on business growth.


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