Disaster in the Philippines: Plea For Support

Dear Partners,

Over my years as President, many times you have heard me say that United Shipping is a family. We are a very big family, located on every continent and in many major cities around this world. And, while we are not all in the same country, nor do we speak the same language, or even share the same political or religious beliefs, we are all part of this wonderful organization of Customs and transportation professionals called UNITED SHIPPING.

All of you have seen the news that our fellow citizens in the Philippines have suffered a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude. The force and devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, which ravaged the city (and surrounding area) of Tacloban, has left the city in complete ruin. The death toll is over 2,500 and they have estimated that over 100,000 are left homeless.

As you know, many times in the past I have asked United Shipping partners to come together to help in offering aid to our neighbors. You responded to our request for help from the tsunami in 2004 that hit Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. You answered again in a very large way for the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan in March 2011. So I know you will again help our friends in the Philippines.

I have been in contact with our USI partners at CNT Worldwide. Jeff Tan and Rolly Wu have both assured me that their offices and staff are OK. However, there is great need to those affected in Tacloban.

In the past, we have learned that when we make these requests for support or donations, there are certain tax ramifications if your money is sent to USI versus being sent to a recognized charity in your own city or country. Therefore, I am simply asking that you and your staff consider a donation to the relief funds being handled by the Red Cross or any of the other many international organizations, offering humanitarian aid to those in need in the Philippines.

I have received many inquiries, so I know that the United Shipping family will do much to help. Please also send a message to our partners in Manila, with your best wishes. I know they will want to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for your generosity and kindness in this time of need!

Best regards,
Fred Hall


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