A Perfectly Planned and Executed Project


It is our pleasure to announce to you the following negotiations that took place over several months. Europrim Shipping team was chosen to be the Romanian partner for the conventional maritime and river shipment of a natural gas processing plant from Malaysia to Tatarstan, CSI. With a total size of more than 45,000 cubic meters and weighing over 7,000 tons, all parts of the factory were shipped by four ocean vessels from the port of Kuantan, Malaysia up to Constanta port, where our special projects team completed all the necessary formalities for safely reloading the parts on 9 river-barge vessels for further transportation on the Volga to the final destination Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan. Besides unloading and terminal handling, customs formalities, planning, preparing and optimising stowage plans, loading and lashing onto the river vessels, the Europrim team provided full ship agency services to shipowners, so that operations were carried out with maximum efficiency despite the hostile weather, the out-of-gauge parts and the tight schedule. The deadline set by the agreement was to trans-ship the factory when the Volga river was frozen was fully met, confirming once again the commitment and professionalism of the Europrim Constanta special projects team and their 100% dedication to this project.


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