49th Worldwide Meeting News – Partner Orientation

We are pleased to let you know that we have 7 new partners who will be in attendance at the worldwide meeting in New Orleans!

As an organization, there is a strong desire to learn and grow from experiences and to promote USI-USL in the best possible manner. We recognized that an orientation for new partners is a must! United Shipping and United Shipping Lines have many excellent benefits, some basic…. and some not so basic. We are aware that some partners remain puzzled about the Small Payment Program (SPP). The SPP is an incredible benefit that helps save on wire transfer fees. Our experiences are a driver in offering continued education to help ensure that partners get the most of their membership by utilizing the benefits that are available.

Needless to say, we are excited about the partner orientation scheduled in New Orleans! But it doesn’t stop with new partners, if you are a first time attendee at a meeting or if you have been with United Shipping since its inception in 1988, you are invited to attend this informative session. Many important benefits will be covered including the Monthly A/R report and USL Bill of Lading issuance.

Do you have questions about your membership benefits? Join us during the partner orientation session in New Orleans. You’ll be happy you did. As we move forward, additional details of scheduling will be provided.


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